Italeaf invests in the Italian leader start up in the field of unmanned aerial systems for civil and commercial use

  • The Board of Directors approves the proposal of three distinct transactions to increase the share capital partly in kind and partly in cash and the conversion into a joint-stock company
  • The transactions are oriented to provide to Skyrobotic the financial and industrial resources to grow in the market for unmanned aircraft systems
  • Italeaf will provide to the company an industrial building with a total area of about 1,200 square meters, which will be the largest Italian plant for the development and industrial production of drones
  • The co-founder company Siralab Robotics will provide the know-how relating to the design of naval unmanned system named “Trasibot”
  • The board of directors gave to the Chairman, Stefano Neri, the mandate to convene the Extraordinary Shareholders’ General Meetings to decide on capital increases

Terni, November 17, 2014

The board of directors of Skyrobotic, active in the development, design, industrial production and marketing of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in small and micro classes for civil and commercial use, part of the Italeaf group, has approved today the proposal to the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of three separate transactions to increase the share capital up to a maximum of EUR 1.6 million and proposed the conversion of the company from Srl in S.p.A. (joint-stock company).

The Chairman of Italeaf and Skyrobotic, Mr Stefano Neri, stated:

With these transactions, Skyrobotic will make a further step towards the birth of one of the most important Italian players in the drone industry, active in the industrial production of aircraft systems and unmanned ships, in line with the certification requirements established by the regulations of reference. The Shareholders’ Meeting, in order to give the green light to the capital increases and the transformation into a joint stock company, will be convened before the end of this year. We are confident that Skyrobotic will confirm its vocation for value creation and growth in the production of drones for civil and commercial use, taking care of the whole industrial chain, from design to the system integration, right through the turnkey production. The company dominates, in fact, all aspects of industrial and technological skills: aerodynamics, avionics, navigation functions and automatic control of the mission, in line with the relevant legislation and with the necessary certifications to ensure maximum reliability, security and privacy”.

In particular, the capital increases, partly in cash and partly in kind, shall be paid:

– from Italeaf S.p.A. (up to a maximum of EUR 1.5 million), through the contribution in kind of an industrial building with a total area of around 1,200 square meters and through a contribution in cash divisible, to be offered to shareholders, for a value of Euro 0, 5 million;

– From Siralab Robotics for a maximum amount of EUR 0.1 million through the contribution in kind of the know-how related to the project of the unmanned ship vehicle called Trasibot.

The transcations will allow to put Skyrobotic in an optimal condition to grow in a consistent and fast way in the promising field of industrial production of unmanned aircraft systems for civil and commercial use, and to work with a product in the technological sector of the naval drones, already prototyped and tested. Through the capital increases the company will reach, in fact, a solid capital base to face the challenge of the international market and to achieve the ambitious industrial programs to acquire a leadership of the Italian industry.

In particular, thanks to the capital increase in cash, Skyrobotic can now program the growth of productive activities and deal with the certification of its devices, while the industrial estate conferred by Italeaf will constitute the largest Italian development and industrial production plant for drones in small and micro classes. The conferment of the aquatic robot by Siralab Robotics, technological co-founder of the company, will also allow the entry of Skyrobotic, with a project already tested and used by public institutions for the protection and preservation of the environment, even in the promising market of the ship drones.

The Board gave to the Chairman, Stefano Neri, the mandate to convene the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meetings to decide on the capital increases before the December 31, 2014.