Skyrobotic, a company leader in the production of drones under 25 kilograms entirely Made in Italy, part of the Italeaf Group, announces that it has delivered the first drone with a Certificate of Conformity to EN-004 Project CP.

The system was acquired by Vitrociset, a company operating in the defense, homeland security, aerospace and transportation, government and industries, for which manages electronical and ICT systems. Together with the SR-SF6 P/N SKYAPRSRSF61G281-100, S/N E001, was then handed the No.001 Compliance Certificate.

IMG_20170324_154145The UAS delivered to the customer is an ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) set up, configured with a three-axis gimbal on which are installed simultaneously a thermal imaging camera 640 x 512 and an RGB camera with 30X zoom. Thanks to the new ground control station, developed by Skyrobotic, encrypted digital streams from the two chambers are visible in real time simultaneously.

The command and control system with redundant frequencies allows to reach a distance UAS-SPR than 5 km, in which both video streams continue to be visible.

The achievement of the Project Certificate for the UAS SR-SF6, allows Skyrobotic to enter in the market of the most demanding Italian and international industrial customers. This is the case of Vitrociset, which can handle more and more innovative services in highly competitive markets, highly diversified – from defense to security, from logistics to transport up to the space and smart cities.

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Skyrobotic S.p.A. is the Italian leading company in the field of UAV (drones) production. Established in December 2013, it is part of Italeaf group, working on the development, manufacturing and marketing og civil and commercial drones, mini and micro classes for the professional market. With a constant focus on innovation, the company aims to achieve leadership in the professional sector of unmanned aircraft, taking care of the whole industrial chain: from design to the system integration, till the production of reliable and effective platforms. Skyrobotic joins track record, operational experience and the financial capacity of Italeaf, which is leader in the fields of cleantech and innovative industry and listed on the MTF NASDAQ First North at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Moreover Skyrobotic joins the know-how and experience of Siralab Robotics, a company with high technological content.