Ground control station

LaGCS Ground Control Station manages connetion with aircraft. Radio-link includes flight command and control, telemetry, video flux and redundant Flight Termination System signal.

Skyrobotic software allows:

  • Flight command and control;
  • Planning Mission;
  • Aircraft settings;
  • Geo-fences definition.

The embedded monitors allow visualizing three video fluxes simultaneously and flight data.

LaGCS is a single device containing:

  • Ground Control Station;
  • Touch screen for mission planning and flight OSD;
  • Video Receiver with High Brighthness Display;
  • Long-range Radio Command;
  • Flight Termination System;

LaGCS allows extremely reduced planning and takeoff time and facilitates the management of the charge. It ensures redundancies request from the Aeronautical Authorities of Several Countries, having separated circuits supply for Radio Command and Ground Control Station.

LaGCS is specifically designed to be integrated into a control room and allowing anyone in the control room to have real-time telemetry data as well as video footage.